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Your recommended daily allowance of Rick pics.

RDA Daily
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All Members , Moderated
Welcome to rda_daily, where you'll find a picture [or more!] a day; in this case, pictures will be of Richard Dean Anderson in his various roles (mostly as Jack O'Neill).

rda_daily, like other _daily communities, is an images-only community. Feel free to introduce yourself or chat, but only if you're posting an image. Photo manips, LiveJournal icons, wallpaper images are all welcome here -- as well as promo shots, screencaps, etc.! If it's an image of Rick, post it!

Please do not direct link images from other sites. If you don't have a site to which you can upload pictures, check out Photobucket!

If pictures are larger than 600 pixels (or you want to share more than one pic), be sure to put them behind a LJ cut tag.

Some other image communities you might like (not all 'daily' comms have daily posts):
sam_daily - A Sam for each day.
daniel_daily - A daily dose of Daniel.
danielpix - One pic of Daniel posted outside of a cut.
jd_daily - Jack/Daniel pics, mostly wallpapers and manips.
sj_everyday - Sam/Jack pics, but also a fairly full-service community.
lolmac - u can haz RDA!
oneill_icontest - If you're graphically inclined.
macgyver_daily - MacGyver! Now defunct, but great stuff in the archives.
sg_one_a_days - Because Jack isn't the only pretty one. Also inactive, but with lovely archives.