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9th-Jul-2012 08:00 am - Legend: Birth of a Legend
And so, we come at last to the final Legend Picspam of Doooom. (Unless folks want me to recap another episode at some point.)

Next day, or maybe the next week, back at the ranch lab saloon, the good citizens of Sheridan are celebrating the downfall of Vera and the arrest of Silas.

Ernest is a little bummed, though, because the Attractive Lady Lawyer is interested in John Coe, the gunslinger, instead of Ernest. Possibly because she’s blind Coe is going to write a Plucky Lady Lawyer into his books.

So Ernest prepares to ride off into the sunset – on a stagecoach rather than a horse, back to the bars and brothels of San Francisco.

Bartok suggests that he stay – settle down in Sheridan and write books here. They make a good team. And Bartok has a stake in the hero business now: “Part of me is now Legend.”

He also mentions that Ernest’s publisher thinks it’s a really good idea.

Ernest isn’t too keen on the idea, but he can’t argue with his publisher. The hero biz is one thing, but the books – now that’s serious business!

[the end of the beginning]
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