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Your recommended daily allowance of Rick pics.
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Hello to my fellow RDA fans who are still coming here to enjoy pics!

I know the 'daily' part of rda_daily has been neglected quite a bit over the last months. I'm basically running this com alone now and while I'm
trying to keep up, it's not always easy to get pics up every day. My apologies for that, I will try to do better in the future.

I have a question for ya all though. Some of you might already know that Live Journal is moving their servers to Russia (or already has, I am not as up to date on these things as I probably should be) and many many peeps are moving over to DW (Dreamwidth) as a consequence of this. For those of you who don't know DW, it's similar to LJ and easy to navigate as well. You could take a look here:


You can also cross post from DW to LJ very easily as well.

I am considering to move rda_daily to DW. I know there used to be rda_daily on DW, too, but apparently it's no longer there or doesn't get updated anymore. I would open a new community on DW and crosspost to LJ for a while for those of you who need time to consider moving with us or not. However, before I start moving and setting up a comm on DW I would like your thoughts because if no one is interested in moving there or interested in keeping up with rda_daily at all I won't bother and just keep this running here for the few of us who are still hanging on. I might not be able to post pics every day, but I'll try to post as regularly as I can.

To that end... if anyone is interested to become a mod for this com, please just send  a direct message to annejack to let me know you'd like to help with posting pics here or over at DW, thank you.

I will now return you to your usual program of the day :)


24th-Dec-2016 03:16 pm - Merry Christmas!
Hi Everyone!
Today is Christmas Eve and over here in Germany Christmas Eve is the main event of Christmas - we are doing celebration, church (for those who will go), presents and togetherness today.
Have a lovely time, read your favorite Christmas fic, watch your favorite Christmas movie/episode, listen to holiday songs... have hot chocolate, tea or coffee and cookies and enjoy being part of a fandom that is very small now, but still the best fandom evah (in my book at least it is).
Love and Hugs all around,

1st-Nov-2016 05:25 pm - Ordinary Heroes
I LOVE this movie. And da man in it... :)

11th-Oct-2016 05:30 pm - Firehouse
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