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19th-Apr-2016 01:44 pm - Legend: Revenge of the Herd wallpaper
If anyone is interested - there are screencaps up for 9 episodes of Legend so far on nicodemus_noted
The caps are free to download. If the links have expired, please contact me and I'll give you new ones.

13th-Apr-2016 10:04 am - Through the Eyes of a Killer
It's time for the charming serial killer again... sorry, I kinda like that movie... for obvious reasons... :)

8th-Apr-2016 06:32 pm - Stargate: Upgrades
daffodils close up

Can we all say yowza!?
photos taken from rdanderson.com (originally coming from Paul Brown's FB page) Please credit if you are going to share these elsewhere, thank you!

two more...Collapse )
Photo taken from rdanderson.com (Kate Ritter). Please credit if you're going to share this elsewhere, thank you!

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